Maquis Projects is hosting 'Üç Oda, Bir Yabancı'; a new exhibition of works by Mezula Aydogan, Mehmet Dere and Nur Muşkara. The exhibition focuses on the contradictions between the artists' individual spiritual memories, their particular modes of artistic production and the moment of creativity in which their emotional life is embedded. The artists not only objectify and document their own memories, but also expose the personal issues hidden in the everyday beyond what is visibleto the viewer.

The word 'stranger (yabancı)' in the title is an implicit reference to the artists and the artwork in the exhibition. To be a stranger, to be a human being is to be a stranger to yourself; meeting yourself continuously as someone else. The stranger, in Edmond Jabe's words, is what makes you who you
are by transforming you into a stranger.
Sadr 2014

30 x 10 cm two pieces pilexglass,drawing on carbon paper and wall stuff
The King 2014

45 x 35 cm two pixel glass & drawing on carbon paper,steel wall stuff and led light