'Hope is a good thing'

Place:AtelierFrankfurt Dates: 25.08.2007_22.09.2007

..Due to the interactive speed of the present world, the acceleration of contemporary art has also increased. Today, a contemporary artist is perceived as a person, with numerous communication and networking skills, struggling inside a fast and global art net. This system, in which the contemporary artist has to negotiate intense schedules and loaded agendas, creates a chaos accompanied by long trips and difficult demands. Such things as workshops, presentations, lectures, studio visits, artist residency programs, online conferences, etc. help to create this atmosphere of pace. You can either be the lucky but tired person, who achieves good contacts and sponsorships in this tense climate; or you can have a position in the back yard of the system, out of sight, with an independent stance where you have to build your own contacts and find your own budget...

The Edge,2007

40 x 31 cm 6 pieces digital print